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Hi, I'm looking for a short science fiction/ horror story compilation which I've been searching for for years. Me and my father read the books when I was little and recently we've both become obsessed with trying to find this book again. Unfortunately we don't know the title or the author.

I remember a little about two of the short stories in the book. One is about a babysitter going to a house where the baby turns out to be some sort of cyborg/robot thing. The other is about a woman, I think her and her family move to a new town and she takes her two children with her to a shopping center/mall. I remember the fact that the mall seemed endless and when the woman and her children try to leave they end up driving in the car park endlessly and there is no escape as the levels of the building never seem to end.

That's all I remember about the different stories. I think the book might have had fourteen or fifteen short stories and would be about 300 pages in total. I am certain that the front cover of the book was a drawing of a view of a mall as if someone were standing on the lowest floor looking up to all these endless levels that stretch on upwards. I'm sure it was a mainly green colour with yellow text.

Me and my dad have different ideas on what the title could be. My dad suspects ''tales on consumerism'' was something related to the title but I've searched endlessly online and found nothing. I suspect it has the word ''mechanical'' somewhere but I'm not too sure.

It would mean so much to me if this book could be found as the stories hold a lot of sentimental value to me. I suspect the book has come out in the last forty years or so. If anyone has any idea what I'm describing or knows exactly what I'm looking for then please say. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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